Yahoo Pulse ‘all in’ with Facebook

Yahoo’s integration with Facebook has  been talked about  since last December but how deep that integration would be has remained unknown until now.

Today it will be announced that users will be able to log in to Facebook via 15 Yahoo sites where they will have the option of posting their Yahoo content on Facebook as well.

Notably, Yahoo Pulse will have a privacy menu that will apply to multiple services. That feature will be an important draw for some users, given that Facebook has dealt with a big privacy backlash in recent weeks. Just don’t expect it to add completely new privacy features to your Facebook account.

Here is part of the official announcement:

“Yahoo! has reached an important milestone in its partnership with Facebook. Starting globally today, people who use both Yahoo! and Facebook can link their accounts and view and share updates with friends across both networks. People who connect their accounts can consume their Facebook newsfeed on the Yahoo! homepage and in Yahoo! Mail and other Yahoo! sites and services. Additionally, people who create and share content on Yahoo! sites – including Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Sports, Flickr, and many Yahoo! entertainment sites, such as omg!, Yahoo! TV, and Yahoo! Movies – can easily share their contributions across Facebook.”

So what does this mean? Who will benefit most from the integration? Well Yahoos integration with Facebook seems to signal the coming together of their long-term  plan to become a social aggregator. For the past two years or more they been filing for Social-related patents, many more than Google or Microsoft.  So in this respect it seems they have so far achieved what they desired considering that Facebook has over 400 million users worldwide and is growing at an exponential rate.

Zynga, the company behind the social games Farmville and Mafia Wars, agreed to integrate its games into the Yahoo Application Platform (YAP), making them available to people throughout the Yahoo network.

We’ll have to wait and see how this all pans out but we should certainly expect to see similar tools becoming available for Twitter and to see integration with other social networks too.



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