Old Spice has gone viral

Have you seen the Old Spice viral videos online yet?

The past few days have seen an Old Spice explosion. The campaign has released over 180 videos in which front man Isaiah Mustafa “the man your man could smell like” answers questions from bloggers, celebrities and other social media influencers

Procter & Gamble and ad agency Wieden + Kennedy found this clever way to make another big splash with its Old Spice Red Zone Body Wash “Smell Like a Man, Man” campaign this week and the popularity of the videos has soared.

There were more than 180 videos made over a three day period. Those 180 videos have received in excess of 5.9 million views and 22,500 comments.

According to Visible Measures, this campaign is one of the fastest-growing online video campaigns of all time and has been compared the Susan Boyle craze we saw last year.

What’s genius about this endeavour is how Old Spice, Procter & Gamble and marketing agency Wieden + Kennedy have used viewers to go viral. It is the users that make these videos viral.

As the videos were made as personal responses to the many questions asked via facebook, twitter and various other sites some of them are particularly touching. A good example is the one video involving a man asking Isaiah to propose marriage to his girlfriend on his behalf. She said yes.

This whole viral campaign has demonstrated the incredibly interactive and powerful features of social media and I love them!

Original sources: http://mashable.com/2010/07/15/old-spice-stats/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed:+Mashable+(Mashable)



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