5 Things Twitter Needs To Do To Achieve World Domination June 13th, 2011 by Niall Harbison in Twitter

Following on from my last post:

I saw this article which refers to how Twitter might achieve world domination. Looking at the very blue social networking world map it seems something needs to take on Facebook.

This post by simply zesty is a great Twitter read:

Twitter is flying lately and there has even been talk of them being the new Facebook. That one statement is probably stretching things a little too far but there is no doubt that it is evolving in to a more robust rich media social network with something there for everybody. Twitter still doesn’t have the mass appeal that Facebook has but some of the moves it has been making is turning it in to far more of a media focused company which will help it expand further. There is still plenty of work to do though and although Twitter has been busy clawing back much of the good work done from 3rd part developers the biggest features are yet to come. The big question is of course revenue but Twitter as a company seem to be much closer to that goal than they did 6 months ago and all expectations are that they are going to switch it on later in the year. So what does Twitter need to do to achieve further world domination…
Fix Twitter.com
For all it’s success Twitter still has one of the worst most unusable websites around. The new version of the site has been around for over 6 months now but most people refuse to use it with only about 20% of tweets coming through the actual site itself. Although the website is never going to be the main part of Twitter (mobile and apps will be) it still deserves to be much much better. It is of course a fine balance between keeping the service simple and true to it’s values while trying to add in a bit of media content and of course some sort of advertising solution. I’d be stunned if Twitter didn’t roll out some sort of major upgrade to their site or even started it from scratch again because everybody knows the current one just doesn’t work.

If you are going to attract advertisers then you need to show them some very clear metrics around what they can expect to achieve on the platform. Twitter already has all this data but they don’t share it with the general public but you can expect them to start offering some sort of dashboard soon. The main metrics everybody will be looking to track are things like breaking followers down in to demographics like age, location and sex. You would also expect some way of tracking ads that you run through the platform and seeing how they spread via Retweets and the conversations around the ads. The interesting thing here will be to see how Twitter offers this solution to everybody because the chances are they won’t be offering analytics or statistics to the average user.

Self Serve Advertising
This is the biggie and the one that the future of the whole company hinges on. Twitter has already started engaging with large brand advertisers which is great and Lauren spoke about just how much money they were already bringing in. If Twitter wants to justify a huge multi billion dollar valuation though it needs a self self ad platform similar to Google or Facebook. It needs credit cards, automation and lots of small local businesses seeing value in the platform and wanting to advertise. The big questions are what will the ads look like? Will they be promoted tweets? Some way of gaining lots of new relevant followers? Ads that help brands share media? Only Twitter knows the answer to that at the moment.

Twitter have shown that by bringing photos, links, location and services like Foursquare in to the stream that they want to make the whole Twitter experience a lot more of a rich media media stream. Even though video does live within some of the apps and on Twitter.com it needs to be far more integrated in to the experience. You only have to look at how well Twitter works with television to see just how useful a deeper integration with video could be for the entire Twitter experience.

Turn Tweetdeck Pro
Twitter have only just wrapped up the Tweetdeck acquisition but you can be sure after spending $50 million on it they have some exciting plans for the service. Every indication is that it will be turned in to the pro experience and it could end up being something where things like the ad tool, analytics and additional pro features are built in for the more serious user. You can expect Tweetdeck to have a subtle re-brand and come fully under the Twitter umbrella within the next couple of months.


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