Join the Twitter plus 0 challenge

Twitter plus 0 challenge!!!

I don’t know about you but I really love using twitter and I use it for learning about Social Media, listening to the pro’s, sharing links and cool stuff, building a network and sometimes promoting my own stuff too.
It is a brilliant tool for conversation, customer service, marketing and PR for all businesses. I believe strongly in the ability of Twitter to grow businesses for many reasons but here are just a few examples of why:

  •  Dell sold $3,000,000 worth of computers on Twitter
  •  Tweets for a Cause sent out a tweet from Atlanta to encourage support of Susan G. Komen for the Cure. As a result of retweets from such notables as @mashable, @G_man, @zaibatsu and others, the Atlanta Chapter site received 11,000 visitors in 24 hours as a result of this initiative by ResponseMine Interactive.
  • Naked Pizza, a New Orleans Pizzeria that specializes in healthy pies, set a one day sales record using social media. In fact 68% of their sales came from people “calling in from Twitter.” On top of that (no pun intended) 85% of their new customers were from Twitter. 

As Director of Onlime I provide Social Media Training and Consultancy to SME’s and Startups. We only launched Onlime full time in June  so we have a relatively modest but really engaged and valuable Twitter following of 444.
What I would love to do is put some of my theory in practice and grow my Twitter following in a number of genuine and ethical ways over the next 6 months. I’d like you to join in too and grow your followers!!
So to establish our target all we need to do is add a 0 to the number of followers we are starting with (hence Twitter plus 0 challenge) and that is our target. (not very scientific I know but it’s a starting point)

So for me I want to grow my Twitter following from 444 to 4440.
If you have 100, your challenge is 1000 and so on.
I would also like to use my Klout score as a metric. My current Klout score is 32 which suggests I am a socialiser.

So now we have a starting point and a goal how will we get there?

Well each week I will tweet and blog my current stats (i.e 4th July = 444 & Klout of 32) and a list of things to actively try to increase followers and participation. It would also be really great if you could tweet your starting numbers too!

I will also add to that by tweeting other tips along the way using #twitterplus0. You can also use this hashtag to ask questions, make comments etc.

This week we are going to start with some easy ones:

Follow at least 200 new people who are relevant to your industry and interests. There are rules on aggressively following so don’t use auto follow tools or follow hundreds a day. This is about connecting with relevant people.
Many people will follow you back but to make them more likely to follow you back make sure you have a full profile bio and pic.
Twitter is a two-way conversation so if people chose not to follow you back in a week or so use tools like Tweeter Karma to unfollow them unless you really love their tweets. The reason for this is you don’t want your following/follower ratio to be too unbalanced or you may look like an aggressive follower.

Have genuine conversations: The most important thing about Twitter is that it is about conversation and is not a broadcast tool. Read the tweets in your timeline regularly and retweet and reply to the people you are following. This is good practice, will improve your Klout score and will ultimately improve your own Twitter experience. If you @message, retweet or reply to users with high numbers of followers that can sometimes help to grow your own following.
Build and follow lists. Lists are a great way of grouping the people you are following by category such as customers, social media peeps, location etc. It helps you when you want to target certain people.

Use Hastags. Hashtags are great! Using a hashtag is a way of categorising your tweet. So if your tweet is about social media you would write #socialmedia in your tweet. Then anyone who wants to search for tweets on social media will use that. You will then appear on that feed helping you to be found. It’s a great way of finding people to follow who are tweeting about stuff you’re interested in.

So with those tips in mind let’s get started!! Don’t forget to #twitterplus0 when tweeting about this.

Good luck!

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