Latest Facebook changes

You may be glad to hear that Google+ has now opened its doors to everyone after a 12 week trial period. However not to be outdone by the Google giant Facebook made and confirmed a number of changes last night, some of which are pretty clever.

Here is a quick run through the changes which you may have seen on your profile today:

“Profile” disappears

The old right-hand corner “Home,” “Profile” and “Account” have gone and been replaced by a small thumbnail and name of the user you’re logged in as.  This will make it much easier when you are using Facebook as a page.   Also, the “Account” has been replaced by a simple down arrow so you can access all your account, privacy and logout settings.

News Feed

According to Facebook “when you visit Facebook, you should see the things you’re most interested in…” They have done this by removing the previous News Feed option which made you decide to have either ‘Top stories’ or ‘More recent’.  You now have a single News Feed which shows you both. The stories which appear will depend on a number of other features and how frequently you visit Facebook.


The Subscribe Button

Although we can currently see what people are saying and doing in our News Feed

The Subscribe button allows you to set just how much you want to hear from a person.You can chose:


  • All updates: Everything your friend posts
  • Most updates: The amount you have been seeing
  • Important updates only: Just highlights, like a new baby


You can do this for each friend by visiting their profile and hovering over the subscribe button. You can also decide what type of updates you receive from each person such as just photos for one, all updates for another. However if like most people you have hundreds of friends this could be quite arduous. For that reason Facebook has created the default ‘most updates’ for all of your friends.

The New Friend Button with Smart Lists

Currently whenever you friend someone they are a friend in the same way that your best friend is. However we all know that most of our 700 friends are actually acquaintances who we never really see. The new friends feature allows us to select whether someone is a ‘close friend’ or ‘acquaintance’ when we friend them. In doing this the subscribe feature will automatically show you ‘all posts’ for close friends and ‘important posts only’ for acquaintances. Not only that but to make it even easier you’ll see smart lists that create themselves and stay up-to-date based on profile info your friends have in common with you–like your work, school, family and city.

Facebook analyses your work history, school, family and location to determine who will be added to your Smart List. (Clever but creepy)


The ticker is an area on the top right hand corner of the screen which provides a live feed of what’s happening right now. This has been tried and monitored for some time but was rolled out to everyone last night. It is a little distracting at first as it continues to update but you’ll probably find you get used to it after a while.


Other changes

  • You no longer need 25 likes on a business page in order to grab a custom URL (I love this one as you can have a custom URL from day 1)
  • Facebook will try to not to clog up your inbox by emailing you a daily summary of the “less important” notifications instead of individual ones.
  • Posts or comments in another language will have a “translate” button.
  • Posts that have been shared will now include a link you can follow to see who has shared them.
To find out more information visit: Facebook blog  original source



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