Social Media Strategy – Part 1

Unlike other marketing and advertising expenses, social media marketing is an investment that produces compounding results over time. As you create social media marketing assets such as optimised blog posts and social media followings, they will help you attract traffic, capture leads and convert leads into supporters – every day into the future.

Over the next few weeks I will provide you with some useful hints and tips on putting together a Social Media Strategy for your business in the form of some tasks to complete.

Social Media Strategy part 1:

Align your social media strategy with your business goals and objectives

Your social media strategy should be designed to help you achieve your marketing and general business goals. Social Media is not separate from your other marketing activities but should be an integrated part of your plans.

There are three steps to this task:

  1. Choose/set your objectives
  2. Rank their importance
  3. Note down how you are going to track your progress/measure your ROI

1: Setting your objectives

To start with this you need to choose some objectives that you would like to achieve. These will be different for every business but to get you going here are some that most businesses would like to achieve:

  • More website hits
  • Better Search Engine Optimisation
  • Greater customer communication
  • More sales
  • More blog subscribers

These are just a few but I’m sure there are a number of objectives you can think of. This is an important first step in creating your social media strategy as without understanding your objectives you won’t be able to choose the right social media platforms or be able to measure your success.

2: Prioritise

Next you need to rank the importance of these objectives from one to ten with one being most important. Once you have prioritised your objectives you will have a list of objectives that you can work on achieving over time. You can dedicate the majority of your resource to that which is most important to you.

3: Measurement

Finally consider whether or not you have a system in place to effectively track your progress as you improve the metrics of your goals.

i.e. If website hits is a priority you would likely be using a tool such as Google analytics to measure your hits, page views and unique visitors.

If you are not currently measuring your activity or don’t know how to that’s fine, just make a note of this. We will cover measurement in a later part and there are various resources available on this topic.

Once you have completed this task and carefully chosen and prioritised your business objectives you are ready to start the next part of your social media strategy: Social Media Site Research and Selection – Part 2

[Above is part one of a series which will provide you with useful hints and tips on creating a social media strategy. If you would like a complete Social Media template and other resources you can purchase them on my website by selecting ‘social media resources’ ]


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