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We’ve moved!

You may have noticed we’ve been quiet for a while. It’s not because we didn’t have anything to say but because we’ve been moving.   Our new home is over at   Over there you’ll find information about all of our services but more importantly for you, we have a blog and resources full of … Continue reading

Do you have Nomophobia?

Do you have Nomophobia?

I just heard the expression nomophobia, which is an abbreviation for no-mobile-phone-phobia. It may sound silly but almost everyone relies heavily on their mobile phone all day. If we aren’t calling or texting we are using our phones to catch up on oh so ‘important’ emails, posting ‘tweets’ and filling up lonely public transport time by playing … Continue reading

How to use Google+ and Pintrest for business

I have just finished a training session providing businesses with information about using Social Media to help grow their businesses. In getting myself prepared for the session I did some research as I always do to make sure I’m on top of any recent changes, current trends etc. I came across two great ebooks on Hubspot so … Continue reading

Social Media Strategy – Part 2

Social Media Site Research and Selection If you haven’ yet read part 1 of Social Media Strategy check it out here. So you have worked out your objectives and prioritised them. What next? You need to decide which is the best site for your business. There are hundreds of social media sites available today and … Continue reading

Social Media Strategy – Part 1

Unlike other marketing and advertising expenses, social media marketing is an investment that produces compounding results over time. As you create social media marketing assets such as optimised blog posts and social media followings, they will help you attract traffic, capture leads and convert leads into supporters – every day into the future. Over the … Continue reading

Latest Facebook changes

Latest Facebook changes

You may be glad to hear that Google+ has now opened its doors to everyone after a 12 week trial period. However not to be outdone by the Google giant Facebook made and confirmed a number of changes last night, some of which are pretty clever. Here is a quick run through the changes which … Continue reading

Five minutes on Social Media

Time management is one of the biggest challenges facing people when trying to engage with Social Media. The tools and platforms may be free but your time isn’t so here a few tips on what you can do on Social Media with just five minutes. Retweet three people on Twitter and find two new people … Continue reading