Video aggregation for you

Time to shuffle your video browsing Aabhas Sharma / New Delhi It’s time to move over YouTube, Metacafe and other online video-browsing portals; now, its Shufflr. If the thought of videos means YouTube to you, Bangalore-based Althea Systems’s video-browsing website,, aims to change the pattern of video-viewing for you. How does the technology work? … Continue reading

Old Spice has gone viral

Have you seen the Old Spice viral videos online yet? The past few days have seen an Old Spice explosion. The campaign has released over 180 videos in which front man Isaiah Mustafa “the man your man could smell like” answers questions from bloggers, celebrities and other social media influencers Procter & Gamble and ad … Continue reading

Times Online is switched off by News International

By Dominic Ponsford News International has ‘turned off’ the old Times Online website, three weeks after it launched new websites and Yesterday’s move means that The Times is no longer updating the Times Online site with content. Those who attempt to go direct to any of the Times Online landing pages will be … Continue reading

News Corporations latest move towards pay model

News Corporation has made its latest move to charge readers for digital content by investing in a company that develops paid content models for publishers and acquiring e-reader platform Skiff which delivers “visually appealing layouts” of content to tablets, smartphones, e-readers such as Kindle and netbooks. News Corporation is the globe’s leading publisher of English-language … Continue reading

Submit your creative video now for a chance to see it at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum this year!

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation,YouTube and HP have teamed up in search of the world’s most creative online video. In collaboration with Hewlett-Packard and Intel, Google’s YouTube set up a dedicated site section dubbed Play, in an effort to find and showcase the most exceptional talents working in the realm of online video. Everyone is invited to submit their … Continue reading

2010 Annual Association of Online Publishers Awards

Last night was the 2010 Association of Online Publishers Awards. The Guardian were the most successful being the only publisher to win more than one award. They won Six! Best Research and Insights Project, Best Launch for the recent launch of Guardian Open Platform, Best Use of Video, Digital Publisher – Consumer, Digital Editorial Individual and … Continue reading

Personalised to death: Filter bubbles

The new levels of data personalisation online threaten to hamper civic engagement by keeping us from being exposed to new ideas and viewpoints. According to Eli Pariser, a cofounder and former Executive Director of, data aggregators like Google have started using increasingly sophisticated filters to decide what information we consume online. I could be sat … Continue reading